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Lavender Massage Oil - Hayley Benseman

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Who doesn't love the scent of lavender in their massage oil and don't we all need a good old massage! Not only does it feel good but there are so many health benefits from getting one regularly. This Lavender massage oil is healing and relaxing so it makes for the perfect massage treatment.

A combination of four different oils have been used for the base, with these you get the glide you need that lasts the whole massage without leaving you so oily you have to towel down when finished.

Size 100ml

*For external use only*

Natural. Ethically Sourced. 
Made in New Zealand

  • Sweet Almond Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Wheatgerm Oil

  • Apricot Oil

  • Lavender (Angustifolia) Essential Oil


  • Use this oil as a moisturising bath oil! A cap full with be enough for 1 bath

  • You can also use this oil instead of your body moisturiser/natural perfume! Great for sensitive dry skin

  • If using on baby, water this mix down with a neutral oil you have in the cupboard. Olive oil or sunflower oil for example

  • If you find the oil does not drip out fast enough for you, then just remove the white plastic piece from the neck of the bottle, easy. Or turn the bottle up side down and shake in an up and down motion vigorously to get a good flow, it will drizzle out nicely