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Parakeet Chinoiserie Vinyl Wallpaper - Miss Lolo

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Miss Lolo's wallpapers are extravagant, bold and beautiful. Create a stunning feature wall or go full maximalism with an entire room filled with luxurious colour and lavish wall prints.

Designed for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, the Parakeet Chinoiserie vinyl wallpaper is a colourful mix of flowers on a neutral bamboo background with pops of colour in the Indian Red-Necked Parakeets. Designed and printed in New Zealand by Miss Lolo

105cm wide and price per lineal metre. Also available as standard wallpaper.

Weight 450 gsm 
Thickness 0.432-0.686mm 
Ultra-white embossed vinyl face 
The backing is polyester/pulp non-woven Commercial wall-covering

Example of how to work out lineal metres required:

Width of wall: 420 cm (divide 420/105 =4)
Height of wall: 250cms (always add 10cms allowance) (4 drops x 2.6m = 10.4 lineal metres)
So, you would simply add the quantity of 11 to your order.