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Hotel and Spa Towels - Weavers Monarch

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Weavers Monarch is the embodiment of luxurious hotel quality towels. This generously sized Spa towel has luxuriously long, soft cotton loops and a glorious white appearance which will stay white.

This 5 star hotel towel has no herringbone borders to shrink and pull in and durable double stitched hems help this towel keep its shape forever making for tidy fold and stack in your laundry cupboard.

Hotel Towel features:

  • Construction: 100% ring spun; deep-loop, soft combed cotton pile; durable double stitched hems

  • Weight: 650gsm

  • Care: Lab tested to meet/exceed NZ/AUS commercial wash care standards; hot wash up to 60deg before use to give the towel initial shrinkage, to set the tensile strength of the fibres and remove any loom residue or oils

Caring for the future of cotton production & reducing carbon footprint.

Our Weavers towelling ranges deliver exceptional comfort and extraordinary sustainable qualities.

Sustainability is an integral part of our towelling manufacturers ethos. And their STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification is representative of this. Weavers towelling is of commercial quality available in a range of colours and generous sizes.

What does sustainability mean to our manufacturer?

Sustainability encompasses community elevation, environmental footprint reduction and innovation. Keeping our employees at the heart of our community engagement program, we have introduced better wage initiatives. In addition to that, we have organized Fair Trade, Detox, EMS and other initiatives. Our commitment to sustainability is proven by our actions. We take the well-being of our team members seriously and have invested heavily on OHSAS and ISO 27000. If our workers are well taken care of, we would be in a position to serve our customers better – keeping this simple philosophy in mind, we ensure that every worker’s rights are upheld.

The Better Cotton Initiative

99% of cotton is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

The future of cotton production is vulnerable to environmental degradation, poor working conditions and unstable markets. In 2005, a group of visionary organisations came together to develop a practical solution that would secure the sustainable future of the industry. BCI is the largest sustainable project in the world.

Our new initiative is saving on carbon footprint. After a quick wash, your towels will be plush and comfortable.

Will the quality of my towels be compromised?

Absolutely not, following a quick wash your towels will be plush and comfortable. Weavers towels in our coloured range are also uniquely vat-dyed, a process ensuring colourfastness so your towels look good for much longer.

Wash Instructions

  • Your first wash is an important step to set the colours and the stability of the weave
  • Pre‐soak your towels in warm water with a little liquid detergent
  • Then run a washing cycle at low temperature, using just a small amount of liquid detergent
  • Finally, rinse in a full tub of cold water and tumble dry on low to medium heat. This locks the fabric loops together and helps in ‘fluffing’ the pile

Consecutive washes

Continue to machine wash your towels with cold water and a neutral, biodegradable liquid detergent.

Never pour detergents directly onto your terry and never use detergents containing alkalis.

Chlorine bleach is not recommended as this tends to yellow and weaken the terry. If necessary use an oxygen‐based bleach. We also suggest that you avoid fabric softeners as these coat the natural fibres of the terry, which will reduce the softness and absorbency of your towels.

Your towels need room to spread out and breathe, so avoid both overloading and long, rigorous spin cycles that will cause stress and abrasion. Tumble dry on low to medium heat, being sure not to over‐dry as that will result in a harsh, dry feel, and cause excessive wear on the hems. We recommend that you remove your towels as soon as possible when the drying cycle ends, while the towels are still slightly damp.

“With proper washing, the weave in terry cloth becomes neatly compact, fraying is prevented, and softness and absorbency are increased”