Luxury Quartz Massage Gift Box
My Sanctuary Gift Box, made in new zealand gift boxes
Matakana Skincare Quartz Crystal Face Polisher
Quartz Crystal Stone Face massage wand
Golden Dew Drops Face Serum by Hayley Benseman
My Sanctuary Gift Box, made in new zealand gift boxes

Luxury Quartz Face Massage Gift Box

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Exfoliation followed by a face massage is a beautiful way to indulge in a luxurious facial pick me up.

Our Quartz Massage Gift Box is the perfect evening wind down treat that will remove dead skin so that you can fill it super moisturising, pure undiluted high quality natural oils while you gently massage it in with our Quartz Stone Face Wand.

Your My Sanctuary Gift Box will arrive in a beautiful magnetic closure gift box tied with a glamorous flouncy satin ribbon.

Your tranquil Luxury Quartz Massage Gift Box will include:

  • 1 x Quartz Crystal Face Polisher from Matakana Skincare. Infused with finely ground quartz crystal, hydrating essential oils, aloe vera and manuka honey

  • 1 x Natural White Quartz Stone Face Massage Wand

  • 1 x Golden Dew Drops Face Serum from Hayley Benseman. Filled with super moisturising 100% natural oils

Ideas for use

Step 1 – Gently exfoliate your face with your beautiful quartz skin polisher and rinse

Step 2 – Lightly cover your face with your luxurious Golden Dew Drop face serum

Step 3 – Start to massage your face gently with your stone face wand, enjoying the release you get around your temples

Step 4 – Allow the gorgeous natural oils to soak in to your skin and do their magic

All products are natural and Made in New Zealand (except stone face wand)