Methven AOI Wall Mounted Bath Spout Chrome AOSPWBTCP
Methven AOI Wall Mounted Bath Spout Matte Black AOSPWBTBK
Methven Aio Wall Mounted Bath Spout Chrome
Methven Aio Shower System and wall mounted spout in Chrome
Methven Aio Wall Mounted Bath Spout Chrome

Methven Aio Wall Mounted Bath Spout Chrome

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The Aio Wall Mounted Bath Spout is a simple, elegant spout for controlled flow and effortless integration in any bathroom. Available in Chrome and Matte Black.

The Methven Aio tapware combines intriguing sculptural contours with modern minimalist design. Methven sets new standards in tapware by utilising Eco brass®. This revolutionary high quality, high strength material is lead and heavy metal free, therefore helps preserve water quality for both consumption and bathing.

The Aio collection is designed and engineered in New Zealand. This product is covered by a 20 year warranty and a 5-year coating warranty. View warranty terms and conditions here.



Lead free Eco brass ®Using Eco brass® to protect water quality and for enhanced corrosion resistance

200mm spout Designed to suit a wide range of bath specifications

Quick-fit connector For easy installation, ensuring perfect alignment and a flawless water tight seal

Thermostatic Product No

Ceramic Discs No

Water Pressure Suitable for all pressures

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