Surmanti Luxury Relax, Sleep Easy Linen and Room Spray
Surmanti Luxury Relax, Sleep Easy Linen and Room Spray

Relax, Sleep Easy
Luxury Home Perfume & Linen Spray

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This luxurious, restful room spray is a heady, woody, slightly floral blend of essential oils all known for their calming, relaxing and sedative effects. Promotes restful, gentle, peaceful sleep… naturally. This child friendly Aromatherapy Linen Spray Home Parfum contains seven carefully selected essential oils known for their calming, relaxing and sedative effects.

Simply spritz this highly concentrated, (isopropyl alcohol-free) formulation for instant freshness and fragrance. Ideal to set the scene or change the tone of a room. Spritz on freshly laundered linen, mattresses pillows, cushions, and upholstery.

Surmanti linen spray is packaged in a 200ml black glass bottle, with gold spritzer and over cap. The bottleneck is adorned with a surmanti gold coin. Finished in a matte black box with gold foiling and an embossed Surmanti coin.

100% Natural. Organic. Not tested on animals. 
Made in New Zealand

Sandalwood: Relieves stress and tension instills inner peace. Sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes - the chemical component that stimulates the pineal gland in the brain, creating deep relaxation of the nervous system. The pineal gland produces melatonin and releases it into the bloodstream. Science has revealed that melatonin is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle.

Amber: Has a calming, sedative, psychoactive effect that relaxes brain waves.

Patchouli: Mood-enhancing with antidepressant properties. Relaxes the body of its stress- relieving molecules.

Vetiver: Calms overexcitation, stress, and nervous tension. Balances moods and promotes restful sleep.

Cedar Wood: Promotes a sense of security. The scent stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions) and the pineal gland which releases melatonin. Recognised for its calming and purifying properties.

Benzoin: Its tranquilising and sedative properties help relieve anxiety, calm nerves and relax muscles inducing sleep.

Ylang Ylang: Calms thoughts, eases busy minds and reduces tension and anxiety to promote restful, peaceful sleep..