Relaxation Tips - 5 new ways to help you relax and reduce stress

Relaxation Tips - 5 new ways to help you relax and reduce stress

Stress can be a major issue for so many of us. Whilst you may not suffer from overwhelming stress, there are times when we get so busy that we forget to look after ourselves. We need to remember our self care is vital and we all need to find ways to relax and prevent us getting to the point of chronic stress.

Here are 5 tips and techniques that can help you relax your mind and body and help reduce stress.


Relaxation tips, girl on beach 

Put aside an hour or two

Grab a towel or blanket and your favourite book or magazine

Take a drink and your favourite snack

Find a quiet spot at the beach or under a shady tree

Enjoy some time for yourself

    Relaxation tips, memories with old photographs


    When was the last time you dug out that box or suitcase full of old photographs?

    They were kept for a reason

    Get lost in the memories and enjoy reliving those beautiful moments from the past


      Relaxation Tips, Blowing Bubbles

      Blowing bubbles is a proven technique to ease stress and anxiety

      The deep, slow breathing needed for bubble blowing is a great way to help you relax and be present in the moment

      Visualising your worries inside the bubble, floating away and then popping can be a really helpful exercise 

      Focusing on the shape, colour and movement of the bubbles you blow is
      another good way to take your mind off your current stresses and worries

      Breathe in, Aromatherapy for relaxation 

      Aromatherapy is well known for reducing stress and overwhelm

      Find a quiet room with a relaxing, comfortable spot and give yourself a minimum of 10 mins

      Choose a candle, diffuser or essential oil and slowly breathe in the relaxing fragrance

      Try Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Frankincense or Lemongrass

      See some beautiful options here

        Relaxation tips, get creative colouring and drawing with coloured pencils

        Get creative. Drawing, colouring or doodling are all great ways to minimise negative thoughts and reduce stress

        Buy yourself a sketch pad and coloured pens or pencils

        Search for the dozens of fun YouTube videos on how to doodle or draw

        Google "Mandala" and download a free intricate drawing and spend time unleashing your inner artist