Increase wellbeing through interior design

Increase wellbeing through interior design

Our guest blog is written by Anna, the talented Interior Designer at Anna Grace Designs. She has taken the principles of interior design and used them to put together a list of tips to help you create interiors that will support your mental health and wellbeing.

How do we increase our wellbeing through interior design? How can we design spaces to help our mental health? When it comes to our homes, there are four principles that influence our mental health that need to be considered⁠.


How much control or say do we have over what happens in our home? Having a place and the ability to create somewhere that is decorated to our personal tastes means that we can have a space where we are able to regulate our emotions, where we can relax, recharge and fill our mental and emotional buckets. ⁠

cosy corners with relaxing chairs, books and fur throws


Light effects our circadian rhythm, which controls our periods of sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day. We can help to regulate this by reducing the amount of screen time - the blue light from screens along with other artificial light can cause changes to our circadian rhythm which is linked to depression.⁠

 dappled light through flowers and on beach


Having objects around us that are pleasing to the eye and that are meaningful to us is really important for our mental wellbeing. When we are surrounded by things that we know are of good quality, that are crafted rather than mass produced we feel better.⁠


It is well known that spending time in nature reduces stress, but did you know it also helps to improve memory retention, and has been shown to make us kinder and more creative?⁠

Lake Tekapo Lupins 

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