About Us

Relax | Revive | Restore

When was the last time you did nothing but read a book cover to cover? Soaked in a long, hot deliciously smelling bubble bath? Took a gentle stroll along the beach or through the park and wondered at nature? Went to bed early with a sweet smelling pillow and turned the alarm clock off? Or indulged in a therapeutic massage or watched so many funny cat videos that you laughed until you cried? 

Girl-on-a-swing My Sanctuary

Many of us are feeling stressed, wound up tight and frazzled? The pace of life can be so hectic that it feels overwhelming at times? We get where you are coming from! We can easily neglect ourselves and forget that we are important to those around us and so need to self nurture.

At My Sanctuary, we want to help you do that. We are creating a space where you can find products, tools and information to help you enjoy your OWN mini sanctuary, whether it be a space, a moment or a new habit. Give yourself permission to take a little time out for genuine relaxation, just for you - make a change now.