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Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Pillow - 95/5

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Hungarian Goose Down and Feathers are considered the finest and most luxurious in the world. If you are looking for a super luxe, premium duvet or pillow, then the Hungarian Goose is absolutely the way to go.

The luxurious goose down pillows from Baksana are filled with 95% white Hungarian goose down and 5% white Hungarian goose feather content as per EN 12934 These are the highest quality in our goose down pillow range. 

Available in 3 weights, these pillows are super luxe, puffy and bouncy and filled with large, round shaped Hungarian Goose Down, giving it support, resilience and longevity.

Made ethically in Hungary.

To read more about EN 12934, lofting and the farming of Hungarian geese, see more here.


50 x 75cm
Filling weight 600g

50 x 75cm
Filling weight 700g

50 x 75cm
Filling weight 800g