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Lauren Dickinson Clarke Poet Candle 200gm

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Lauren Dickinson Clarke is a former designer at Alexander McQueen and has created a luxurious candle range celebrating muses, misfits and rebels in her porcelain candle collection.

These luxurious scented designer candles by Lauren Dickinson are an extraordinary range crafted through imagination, dedication, dreams and surreal themes, craftsmanships, draughtsmanship and an endless desire to create objects of wonder. Each candle starts a its journey as a finely drawn ink illustration and is proudly made in the UK.

The Poet is an exotic and mysterious scent, dancing with dark, aromatic woods, resting on a hypnotic heart of frankincense, musk, amber & cedarwood and slightly sweetened with poetic hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

All of the fragrances have been added at the highest possible dose to ensure an enhanced scent throw and elevated fragrance experience.

Lauren's candles are exquisite and finished off with a hand gilded 22 carat gold rim on the reusable porcelain.

  • Created with fragrances crafted by master perfumers

  • Free from parabens, phtalates, formaldehdyes, artifical colourants and other nasties

  • 100% cruelty free

  • 100% Natural wax, sustainable rapseed & cruelty free beeswax

  • Trimmings of silk, cotton & zinc

  • 9cm high (without hat trimmings) x 7.3cm diameter

  • 200g, Burn time 35 hours

    Inspired by Dora Maar

    The ‘Poet’ pays homage to the romantic yet heart-breaking story of Dara Maar, one of the many muses and lovers of Picasso. Widely recognised as his most famous muse, Dora and Picasso indulged in a turbulent relationship coloured by art, passion, tumult & tension. Picasso eventually left Dora for artist Françoise Gilot, it is sadly said that Dora later died from ‘a broken heart and boredom’.

    The Poet scented candle is a part of the Moody Muse Collection by LDC. Embracing a stylish emoji twist, the series was created to capture the enigmatic personas of famous Muses throughout art history; elusive & provocative women who have inspired and motivated the creative process.