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Loro Piana Interiors Cashmere/Silk Throw - Plaid Klee

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Italian fashion house, Loro Piana, is the world's foremost producer of the finest cashmere and has been creating exquisite home interiors since 2006.

Combining two of the world's most luxurious textiles, Loro Piana's Plaid Klee blanket throw is woven with pure cashmere and lustrous silk to create the most lavish, beautiful throw that is a premium decor piece that you will treasure.

When purchasing an item from Loro Piana Interiors, you know you are getting exquisite quality which is evident in all of their cashmere fashion pieces and interior decor items. 

The Klee throw from Loro Piana has a chevron weave with bands in canneté and is finished with a delicate fringe and embroidered logo. 

Opulent but with an understated elegance, the Plaid Klee cashmere and silk throw from Loro Piana is the epitome of luxurious home interiors. 

FABRIC: 60% Cashmere, 40% Silk

SIZE: 200cm x 140cm

WEIGHT: 230gsm

This cashmere and silk throw is handcrafted in Italy and is sent from the Loro Piana warehouse, taking 2-3 weeks