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Luxury Mohair Throw - Pounamu

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Wrap yourself in the affordable luxury of mohair throws from "The Glamorous Goat" in delicious Blueberry. Designed in Wanaka, New Zealand with the Angora grown and produced on their farm in South Africa.  These investment mohair throws are available in a range of colours and understated prints which are inspired by nature. 

Made from the highest quality Angora goat kid mohair, these stylish throws are guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy. 

The unique properties of mohair make it perfect for those with skin conditions. Because of its surface smoothness, mohair is less itchy than other wool.

55% mohair, 34% wool, 11% nylon

Your throw comes in a reusable hemp carrier bag. The perfect gift!

Ethically Sourced and Renewable

Mohair is the fleece of the Angora goat and is known as the “diamond fibre” due to its lustrous and resilient characteristics, making the mohair a highly desirable fabric in comparison to wool and cotton. It is widely seen as a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

Mohair: A Sustainable Fibre

Mohair is the miracle fleece of the Angora goat which is silky soft yet durable. It is breathable so you don’t get hot, and insulative to keep you warm and cosy and the mohair fibre is more elastic than merino wool, so it’s naturally more resilient and less prone to shrinking or stretching.