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Maximus Cushion

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The Maximus Cushion from Baya is a soft, felted wool with strong, earth tones giving it a warm and organic look.

Blended with densely felted wool, the Maximus cushion is a generous large size that draws you in to feel its softness and texture. Beautifully relaxed living when paired with one of our other textured cushions like the super fluffy Meru Lambskin cushions that takes tactile to the next level. 

The Maximus Cushion is a double sided wool mix finished with a 1cm flange surround and is available as a cushion cover, with polyester fill or feather fill for a more luxe feel.

SIZE: 55cm x 55cm

FABRIC: 65% Wool, 15% Polyester, 20% Nylon/viscose

CLEARANCE PolyFill was $85 and Feather Fill $119