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Monmouth Glass Carafe - Spring Green

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The beautifully crafted, handblown glass carafe from Monmouth Glass in Spring Green is an elegant art piece that will bring a splash of vibrant colour and stylish design to your dining experience. This attractive glass carafe is available in many luscious candy colours and can be paired with the square or smooth glasses to create a pretty table setting (glasses purchased separately).

The team at Monmouth Glass Studio uses traditional glassblowing techniques for their coloured glass pieces that are hand-shaped and blown creating lovely variations in the surface so that no one item is the same.

The delightful range of colours are created using a powdered pigment that is intense in colour and spreads throughout the glass making process creating subtle differences in every piece. 

SIZE: 240 x 140mm

Hand Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Care: Handwash recommended