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Monmouth Glass Tilt Pendant Light

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Handblown and exquisitely designed, the Tilt Glass Pendant light from Monmouth Glass is a fascinating take on the standard globe pendant creating a superb visual focus with its interesting bulb placement. 

The Tilt Pendant is available in a soft transparent Grey or a warmer Tea and each Monmouth light comes complete with a standard bundle of fittings to install as a pendant including: a brass lampholder, brass ceiling rose (70mm dia), dimmable LED bulb, and 1m of black fabric flex (braided flex available by request). 

The team at Monmouth Glass Studio uses traditional glassblowing techniques for their coloured glass pieces that are hand-shaped and blown creating lovely variations in the surface so that no one item is the same.

SIZE: 220 Diameter 

Hand Made in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Care: Handwash recommended