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New Zealand Duck Feather Cushion Inner - 7 sizes

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Our beautiful, premium range of duck feather and down filled cushion inners made from 100% New Zealand Duck down and feather to fit a number of cushion sizes.

Our supplier, Feathers & Co, produce the only New Zealand Duck Feathers on the market. The duck feathers and down are ethically sourced as they are a by-product from their stunning, rural duck farm in the Waikato.

Feather inners are a favourite with high-end designers and stylists for their lived in but elegant look. The stylists hack for a natural-looking cushion onset is to employ the ‘karate chop’ to the centre of the cushion. Feather cushions will hold this look as they are easily mouldable, whereas our microfibre will bounce back to its original shape.

Feathers from the New Zealand duck are curly rather than flat, and have a softer quill than many imported feathers which means they create a rounder, fuller, luxurious look and feel.

The NZ duck feather filled cushion inners are encased in tightly woven 100% cotton down proof fabric so that the feathers don't escape.

We recommend using a size 50mm larger than the cushion cover

  • 550 x 450 (cushion cover size 500mm x 400mm) Weight 1000gms
  • 650 x 450 (cushion cover size 600mm x 400mm/620mm x 420mm) Weight 1000gms
  • 500 x 500 (cushion cover size 450mm x 450mm) Weight 1000gms
  • 550 x 550 (cushion cover size 500mm x 500mm) Weight 1100gms
  • 600 x 600 (cushion cover size 550mm x 550mm) Weight 1600gms
  • 650 x 650 (cushion cover size 550mm x 550mm) Weight 1750gms
  • 700 x 700 (cushion cover size 650mm x 650mm) Weight 1850gms

Customer Reviews

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Duck Feather Cushion Inner 70 x 70

These are the BEST cushion inners I have ever bought!!
They are nice & full & excellent quality.
They full a 65 x 65 Euro and hold the shape perfectly. If you are looking for the best inners I highly recommend Feathers & Co.
Definitely worth the price I paid!!!

Thank you so much! We love these NZ Duck Feather inners too and so proud to be able to support another New Zealand business down in the Waikato :-)