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New Zealand Duck Feather Duvet

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Our luxurious feather filled Duvets from Feathers & Co, contain 90% premium New Zealand duck down and 10% New Zealand duck feathers encased in tightly woven 100% cotton down proof fabric in a baffle box construction.

Made primarily from duck down, the more down a duvet has the more premium and luxurious it is! Only found on the underbelly of the duck, the downs' soft fine filaments radiate from the centre and trap body heat providing a lightweight but warm duvet. 

Baffle box construction consists of thin strips of material sewn between the top and the bottom cover, creating three dimensional boxes to house the down and feathers. These pockets allow the feathers and down to be distributed more evenly, creating a fluffier duvet with a more event distribution eliminating cold spots.

Baffle box construction combined with a high proportion of down not only makes Feathers & Co duvets a premium option, it results in a lighter, warmer duvet.

Single - 950gm 140cm x 210cm
Double - 1100gm 180cm x 210cm
Queen - 1200gm 210cm x 210cm
King - 1300gm 245cm x 210cm
Super King - 1400gm 265cm x 210cm
California King - 1500gm 285cm x 210cm