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Paige Cotton Nightshirt

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The Paige Cotton Nightshirt/Nightie from Baksana comes in a pretty blue plaid check pattern. This long cotton nightshirt features a long sleeve button-up front. 

Made in Europe, this pretty cotton nightshirt ideal for summer or winter and no harmful chemical or products are used in the production of Baksana sleepwear.

The Paige nightshirt is available in three other Paige cotton sleepwear options.  

  • Made from 100% OEKO-TEX® Certified cotton

  • Long sleeved with button up front

  • Blue check pattern

  • Ethically Made in Europe







6 - 8

10 - 12

12 - 14

14 - 16


  • A gentle machine wash up to 40°C is recommended

  • Do not use washing powders or liquids containing fabric softeners or optical brightening agents.

  • Line dry recommended. If required, tumble dry on low heat.

  • Avoid excessive heat as this may cause shrinkage.

  • Easy iron finish ensures only a light iron is needed after drying, if desired.