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Toile De Jouy Fabric - James Dunlop

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Toile de Jouy is a traditional fabric seen in many European homes that draws inspiration from historic toile scenes but is delivered through a modern day lens.

This classic Toile de Jouy is a reinterpretation of this well known print style into a modern composition of floral motifs and exquisite linework.

The fabric is printed in the UK onto a soft 100% linen base that the James Dunlop studio has custom designed into five versatile colours that make this Toile a beautiful and classic choice for both modern and traditional home decors.

We are resellers for all James Dunlop fabrics. If you do not see what you want on our website, please contact us for any of their fabrics and we will be happy to help.

Price is per metre

Composition 100% Linen

Width 140cm 

Weight 289 gm

Horizontal Pattern Repeat 47cm (weft)

Vertical Pattern Repeat 57cm (warp)