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Tsauri Mural Gold - Romo Black Edition

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Luxurious and extravagant, the Tsauri Wall Mural in Gold is an immersive visual experience, that is both captivating and exquisite. This stunning Romo Black Edition Mural is majestic in nature and artistic in form, printed, bold brushstrokes embellished with shimmering gold foil command attention in three-dimensional splendour.

The dramatic brushstrokes on the Tsauri appear dynamically across the wall in a grand spectacle, rising with a tactile prominence from the fine, silk-like background.

This Tsauri Mural is supplied as a set of two rolls (Roll A & B) and the complete mural is made up of four drops of wallcovering, each measuring 3.2 metres in length and just over 90cm width. Each roll has two drops printed continuously on the roll. The complete mural using all four drops measures 3.2 metres  high and 3.6 metres wide.

This wallpaper is indented from Europe which means you should allow between 3-4 weeks for delivery (sometimes sooner)